In SLOT # 10 you can read the feature on page 52 about converting your old laptop or PC to a slot racing lap acounter & timer. Contributor Chris Jelfs supplied diagrams which can be followed to reproduce your own setup exactly as it is in the magazine. Just click on these links to download the PDF files and print them off.

Bridge Piece ‘A’

Bridge Piece ‘B’

Bridge Piece ‘C’

Bridge Piece ‘D’

Bridge Piece ‘E’

Bridge Piece ‘F’

Bridge Piece ‘G’

Light Bridge Assembly

Light Stalk Assembly

Track Mounting Assy

Track Piece ‘A’

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5 Responses to Laptop counter/timer diagrams

  1. Bob Paterson says:

    Could this be used / adapted as a rally stage timer or is that your next evolution project so it would be possible to have a overall and sector /stage times for up to 6 sectors per stage
    Cheers Bob

  2. steve says:

    I have built this exactly to the instructions but the laps count up when the leds are lighting the ldrs and only stop counting up when the light is removed. It seems like its working the opposite way.
    can you please help as I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out what’s wrong

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