SLOT Magazine No. 10 is out today; on page 30 we promised more comment and pictures of the Round Britain Whiz Thingie cars that we couldn’t squeeze into the magazine. Click on each image to see it full-sized and scroll down for a feast of Thingieness.

DSCF4126 Alex BondDSCF4127

Alex Bond’s Galaxian original design. “Great looks, handled really well, second in this heat with it”.

DSCF4128 John Dilworth DMI Tarantula DMX

John Dilworth’s DMI Tarantula DMX. “Crazily wonderful looks. Quite a nice drive, was I second in that stint”?

DSCF4150 Ron Kiyomura BanditDSCF4165DSCF4151

Ron Kyomura’s Dynamic Bandit. “With little engine braking it was suited to the Rockingham Raceway. It handled well and was fun to drive, getting me into a dice with Nick Clements (Nick second, me third in that heat)”.

DSCF4148 Tony Davey ShinodaDSCF4149

SLOT magazine columnist Tony Davey’s Shinoda. “The tail wags and it shot off a few times. The best body design”? Note the front axle mount reminiscent of a 1960s BZ frame.

DSCF4132 Murray Tonkin Pactra Jupiter

Murray Tonkin’s Pactra Jupiter. “Very effective but I just don’t like the looks”.

DSCF4137 Andy Brown Searle Carrera La Bostella

Andy Brown-Searle’s battered alien-driven Beerstella, based on a Carrera La Bostella. “Another great handler”.

DSCF4139 Dennis Hill ShinodaDSCF4140

The winning Shinoda of Californian Dennis Hill. “Not obviously the quickest but very forgiving to drive”.

RB Whiz Thingie pilots by Steve Kempson II

Round Britain Whiz Part the Fourth: Dramatis Personae. Steve Taylor (Rockingham), Dave Lees (Raceway 81 Newcastle), Richard Hills (SLOT Magazine and Luton), Nick Clements (Rockingham), Ian Benzie (Highlands), Mick Thomson (Rockingham). (Steve Kempson photo).

Rockingham panorama II by Bill

Bill Jenner’s panorama of the Rockingham Raceway.







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