After we went to press with SLOT No. 6 came news that the SlotStox racers at Rockingham were moving to Primo International Arena Northampton. So, if you’re reading ‘Inside Track’ on p. 10 about Luton’s oval track opening, it’s now with Three Counties that Luton alternate Friday racing.


Primo International Arena Northampton is the long-established stock car racing track at Brafield on the Green (NN7 2BA). Check out Three Counties Oval Slot Car Club on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/threecountiesovalslotclub?fref=ts

‘190’ Andy Hankin of Three Counties Oval Slot Club said that a new Pendle Slot Racing built five-lane track is open in the bar at Primo, and all points and grades accrued will apply. Friday sessions cost £3.50; Next date is 18 April with racing alternate Fridays. Two other tracks will be added to the fixture in due course.

DSCF2802Three Counties logo

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2 Responses to SlotStox racing now at Stock Car racing track: Three Counties Oval Slot Car Club

  1. Jeff Nuttall says:

    When I was a kid in the UK, about 1967, my parents bought me a slot car racing kit, with the UK style Stock cars. They had a spring underneath them, and if you could catch up with your opponent and give him a bump, it would send his car flying off the track. Any such things still around? Jeff Now living in Canada

    • Jeff: The one you had I believe to be by VIP and it was indeed available in 1967. In 2013, Scalextric came up with ‘Demolition Derby’, a set with a crossover ensuring crashes. The cars’ chassis are Lego-based and body panels fly off when they hit each other! You then just clip the cars back together for the next race. We reviewed it in SLOT No. 3 (November/December 2013), available as a back issue via this website. Richard Hills, Contributing Editor.

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