We asked which articles you like best and which are the most useful. Are there articles you want more of, or some that you never look at ? This is YOUR magazine so we asked you to tell us what you want to read about in every issue.

New product news
Car building & painting articles
Car tuning articles
Tracks and Scenery
Beginners Workshops
Head-to-Head car tests
Car and set tests & reviews
Readers Drives – winning cars
Club Focus
Past Forward – slot history
Race reports
Digital slot racing
Different scales such as HO, 1/24, 1/43
Slot Rallying
BSCRA racing
Classic slot racing
Slot Stox racing
Technical & Control

We have shown what you want to see in SLOT magazine in different colours on these charts. The results are colour-coded as follows :

GREEN = You want the SAME AMOUNT of this coverage

YELLOW = You want to see MORE of this subject

RED = You want to see LESS of this subject

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