The first two to be released are the Twin Pit Buildings and the Footbridge. These are excellent kits, CNC cut from 3mm plastic, and fit together accurately and easilt. In fact you can have the pits built up and on your track in around 20 minutes, the footbridge takes a little longer because of all the stais but is still only around 45 minutes to complete. Of course you can take a bit longer if you want to paint and detail them, but the sponsor stickers supplied in the kits make them look great anyway. Attention to detail includes 3-dimensional lettering for the footbridge (plus some free lettering – you’ll have to buy one to find out) and opening doors in the pits.

SAMS have also announced they will be producing the Pavillon Andre Lambert which stood alongside the old Reims circuit. SAMS are focusing on classic buildings from around the world, and will be making a whole range of trackside structures, some large and some small, that can be added to any layout.

Sams Reims 1 web






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4 Responses to New Sams Pit Buildings

  1. John Clubbe says:

    The product seems to show a great deal of promise for future releases.

  2. Editor says:

    The first Sam’s building kits will be available next week. If you want a foorbridge or the twin pits kit you won’t have long to wait. Sam’s have lots of plans for the future and the kits are expertly designed and produced.

  3. JCN says:

    Where will these kits be sold?

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